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We are a group compiled of culinary skill, nutritional education and life experience fueled by the passion for helping people, we care at clean eats meal prep it’s that simple. With core values of Quality, integrity & customer service, every delivery matters to us.  Nutrition, convenience & results equal the Clean Eats Experience.

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Director of Sales

As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, I am proud to work for a company who was built in the United States, and who strives to create a healthy lifestyle for its citizens, promoting the growth of a better and healthier America. As former Vice President of sales of a national wholesale meat company, and more than 8 years in the foodservice industry, I have developed a large network inside the meat, poultry and seafood business. Shipping perishable products all over the continental United States is a significant responsibility in which I have mastered through years of shipping, as well as contacts that have taken years to develop. With the evolution of technology and apps, Americans no longer visit the grocery store at the rate that they used to. Food is now handed through a window, ordered off an app, or via online resources. Healthy alternatives, such as Clean Eats Meal Prep, is undeniably the way of the future. I look forward to continuing to apply my years of experience into my work at Clean Eats, and assisting in increasing their sales to the best of my ability.

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Head Chef

Meet Tijen Demirel, a native from New Jersey who is a prime example of a woman who decided to pursue her passion and completely change her career direction. After working for many years as a project manager in an environmental lab she headed to the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City for the Culinary Arts Program. It was there where Tijen went from an amateur cook, preparing meals for friends and family, to a professional chef. Completing her internship at Michelin rated A Voce Madison Ave under Executive Chef Missy Robbins.

Tijen has worked with a diverse group of people for all different clientele. She has a wide range of experience and knows the ins and outs of the entire kitchen. She started as garde manager at Trap Rock Brewery which is part of Harvest Restaurant Group and was promoted through various stations. From there she was made Junior sous chef, before leaving to be a sous chef at Central Park. She then moved onto the newly opened Ricaltons Village Tavern, where she added pastry chef to her resume, all while launching their monthly craft burger special, which was nominated for New Jersey’s Best Specialty Burger 2015 and was named Bad Ass Female in the kitchen by Chef Life Magazine in 2015. She’s also worked for Chef Leia Gaccione one of Bobby Flay’s former Executive Chefs who is now owner of South Pine in Morristown. Currently she is the Head Chef at Clean Eats Meal Prep creating and maintaining their ever-changing menu for their healthy home delivered meals.

Cooking is her passion. “Putting smiles on faces one bite at a time” is her motto.


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At a young age, I realized if I’m going to get anywhere in life and reach my goals I was going to have to hustle. Between the drive of completing my second degree in Business Management after following my passion in marketing & communications while maintaining financially, I had no choice but to make it happen with long days, no weekends and no holidays. With a work & school schedule labeled by most as “burning the candle at both ends” I found how important my nutrition was to help balance out the lack of sleep. I figured let me make sure my body had the proper nutrients to get through 18 hour days regularly.
It’s easy to stop and pick up what is convenient, our daily lives are filled with it. But is it the best option for us? Is it really what we need? That is where Clean Eats was born for me, I believe in the quality of what we put in our body “You get out, what you put in”. I need my body to function at maximum performance every day, while not taking time away from where I need to focus to reach my goals. Clean Eats is here to help you, we are here to change your life with quality & convenience.

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Almost everyone has that one person in their life that was or is who they look up to that motivates them to succeed, in my case it was my grandfather. My grandfather was one of the hardest working men I have ever known. He was part-owner of a successful landscaping company and dedicated every day of his life to working as hard as he had to support his family. My grandfather was my first example as a child, and now as an adult, of what it is to work hard to get to where you want to be. He made sure I was active in sports, helping him with his garden center, and even with chores around the house. He is my example of dedication, discipline, and focus, which eventually led me to begin Jiujitsu and Muay Thai training. I never thought Martial Arts would have such a large impact on my life, to the point where I decided to then become a personal trainer for fitness. Health and wellness for the mind and body are key for being and staying fit. Although fitness training and exercise are necessary to achieve specific results physically, your diet is typically 75% of successful weight loss or maintenance. The idea of Clean Eats was the result of trying to create a healthy diet and lifestyle that is easy to maintain for everyone, no matter what kind of situation they may be in. The dedication of my grandfather, the discipline of martial arts, and the drive for personal training is what got me here today. Clean Eats has become my life, and there is no better feeling than knowing that what I am doing is making other lives easier by creating a healthy, fit, happier version of who they are.