Clean Eats Reward Points



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Earn reward points based on your order value



Redeem reward points for a discount on your order



Place more orders to earn more reward points!

What is the Clean Eats “Reward Points”?

You asked and you received! Clean Eats is rewarding our loyal customers – the more you shop, the more you can earn and save!

What Is A “Clean Eats Reward Point”?

A “Reward Point” is an earned value for each and every order purchased.

How Do I Earn Reward Points?

You can accumulate reward points by purchasing products on our website.  Including some point bonuses for registering an account, leaving an online review, referring a Friend or Family member, placing 10 orders on your account in a 6 month span or spending $1101.45. They automatically get stored to your account.

How Many Reward Points Will I Receive From These Engagements?

Every dollar spent = 1 Reward Point

Registering an account = 50 Reward Points

Leaving a online review on a  = 500 Reward Points**

Referring a Friend or Family Member = 350 Rewards Points***

Placing 10 Orders in a 6 Month span = 100 Reward Points

Lifetime spend of $1101.45 = 567 Reward Points

Value: 100 Reward Points = $3 USD

**To redeem online review reward points.  Leave a review on Google, Yelp or Facebook.  Take a screen shot and email to Rewards@Cleaneatsmealprep.com

***To redeem referral reward points, the referred customer must include your name in “Customer Additional Notes”  section of checkout.  This reward is only valid on customers FIRST ORDER.

How Many Points Do I Need To Earn To Convert To Spend?!

You can start earning instantly! For every $1 spent, you’ll receive 1 Reward Point. As you browse the site, you’ll find a certain number of Reward Points associated with every meal and product you want to “Add to Cart”. You must accumulate 167 points before you can apply Rewards Points to your purchase at checkout. This equates to approximately $5.00.

How Many Rewards Points Do I Need To Earn A Free Meal?

Once you meet the minimum amount of earned Rewards Points, you can immediately apply it to your next order, or let them accumulate for a bigger discount/reward! Since our meals vary in price, we cannot give you an exact quote. However, every 100 “Rewards Points” accrued equals $3.

What Can “Rewards Points” Be Used Toward?

Rewards Points may be used toward future orders of meals, free deliveries, gift cards and Clean Eats Exclusives.

What Is The “Referral Program”?

It’s as simple as it sounds! Earn bonus points simply by sending a referral. Whether it’s family, friend or a total stranger, Clean Eats is giving you an easy opportunity to receive 300 Rewards points when your referral makes their first purchase. Send a referral now!


Any additional questions please reach out to our Clean Eats Rewards Team at: